Let’s Do It Together

Jiwo Paro, which means “Let’s Do It Together” is a development microfinance organization on a mission to empower women to succeed at micro-enterprise.
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Jiwo Paro combines micro-enterprise training, group loans and on-going support to marginalized women in Kenya.  Through a suite of financial and non-financial services, Jiwo Paro aims to impact the lives of the ‘Bottom-of-the-Pyramid’ and the ‘missing middle’ customers that traditional banks do not  have neglected.

Vision: To create full economic citizenship in Africa where women and youth in marginalized areas have universal access to finance and the benefits they deserve.

MissionEnabling rural youth and women achieve economic independence.


  • Empowerment
  • Excellence
  • Integration
  • Service to all

Productive Assets
Women and Youth Trained

We Provide Access to Sustainable Financing

Globally, women face greater exclusion in every Geography and across every income level. Expanding access to finance is critical element in women's' socio-economic transformation. Inspired by the global success of microfinance, Jiwo Paro seeks to expand access to finance for the female entrepreneurs who have the requisite skills, conviction and grit for business. We empower them with the tools and resources to oversome the highly discriminatory delivery of credit, the lack of collateral and illiteracy which bars women out of formal financial system.
Jiwo Paro seeks to empower them by providing financial services and microenterprise training and be their trusted partner on the journey of growth and prosperity. We provide them the tools of the trade and microfinance loans and gradually graduate them to become microentrepreneurs who participate fully in formal financial inclusion.

Biashara Clubs

Through the Biashara clubs, women in small enterprises pool together rotating savings among respective group members. They also exchange business opportunities and receive mentorship, market information and best practises from the more established peers.These clubs, thus, create an ecosystem that allows for women entrepreneurs and business owners to grow by leveraging existing market systems.

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Women Investment Clubs

The WICs leverage on the Biashara club platform and creates the sustainable investment platform that provides the financial mechanism for SME members of the Biashara clubs to grow.

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Financial Literacy

In a market where access to finance is limited, and options are scarce for women, financial literacy training can be the difference between hope and destitution for women micro entrepreneurs. Prior to accessing micro loans, women are taught responsible borrowing, saving, book keeping which translates to the 97% repayment rate.

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Ecosystem Builders

The Fundi Konekt is an integrated digital platform for informal textile microenterprise owners in rural areas and informal settlements in Kenya

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Latest News & Stories

Our stories captures the elements of the people we work with in our communities. Read on:

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World Bank: Winners of MbelenaBiz Business Plan Competition

  • 05, February , 2021
Jiwo Paro has been selected as one of the awardees of the MbelenaBiz Business Plan competition, being awarded

World Connect invests in Jiwo Paro

Jiwo Paro has collaborated with World Connect to start a project named Ahadi ‘Promise’ in Oseng’eti village, Chemelil,