Enabling Rural Kenyan Women Achieve Economic Independence

Our Vision

Jiwo Paro, which means “Let’s Do It Together” is a development microfinance .  organization on a commitment to empower women to succeed at micro-enterprise.  Jiwo Paro combines micro-enterprise training group loans and on-going support to marginalized women working in the textile value chain in Kenya.  Through these products, it aims to impact the lives of the ‘Bottom-of-the-Pyramid’ and the ‘missing middle’ customers and contribute to financial inclusion.

Vision: To create full economic citizenship in Africa where women and youth in marginalized areas have universal access to finance and the benefits they deserve.

Mission: To enable rural women and youth achieve economic independence.


What We Do

Access to finance is a critical element in the process of socio-economic empowerment of underserved populations, especially women. Globally, women face greater exclusion in every Geography and across every income level. Jiwo Paro seeks to expand access to the female entrepreneurs who have the requisite skills, conviction and grit but lack access to capital. The highly discriminatory delivery of credit, the lack of collateral and illiteracy bars women out of formal financial system.

Jiwo Paro seeks to empower them by providing financial services and microenterprise training and be their trusted partner on the journey of growth and prosperity. We provide them the tools of the trade and microfinance loans and gradually graduate them to become microentrepreneurs who participate fully in formal financial inclusion.

Meet The Team

Jiwo Paro team comprises of a 5-person team with 40+ combined years of expericence in microfinance, community development and sustainable livelihoods.

Dancan Onyango

Chief Executive Officer

Akinyi Awora

Chief Operating Officer

Board of Advisors

Jiwo Paro's Board of Advisors comprises of four members including leading international development experts, fund managers and technology solutions entrepreneurs from across the globe. The mandate remains to advise the management on appropriate and responsive growth framework to enable Jiwo Paro expand its outreach to the poor.

Phindile Tshabangu

Phindile is the CEO of Savant Technologies, a South Africa – based business with a strong focus on emerging and frontier markets. Phindile has over 20 years across manufacturing (petrochemical and industrial gases sectors), technology transfer, and business incubation.

Christine Ward

Founder and CEO of Rockflower – dedicated to increasing the flow of catalytic capital to invest in improving the lives of women and girls through the Five Keys of maternal and reproductive health, access to water and food, education, financial independence and peace and security.

Erik Onyango

Erik is legal counsel to the Prime Legal LLC, based in Chicago. He provides legal and business solutions across a wide variety of areas including intellectual property, employment and financial industry compliance matters. He holds Chicago-Booth MBA.

Hermann Gams

Hermann Co-founded Dream Academia, based out of Dreamicon Valley, Austria. Additionally, he serves as a Project partner at Enpact Startup mentoring based out of Berlin. In his daily life, Herman loves to ‘Dream Big’ and discuss how the impossible can be made ‘Possible’.