We partner with passionate female entrepreneurs to provide work-readiness skills followed by leasing tools of the trade i.e. sewing machines or startup capital to enable them start their own business. This system of training, group borrowing and on-going support is modelled around the internationally renowned Grameen bank and brings about accountability and practical assistance to the development of the microenterprises

We have created a financial model that allows for rural women to have access to sustainable credit.

The goal of Jiwo Paro is not to provide access to financing for the largest number of women a but to provide services that are tailored according to their unique needs .Our starting loan size is $50 with the potential for subsequent larger loans up to a maximum of $500. If clients demonstrate efficient use of the loans, are able to expand their businesses, they may be eligible to a loan under the individual lending methodology. Field officers are experienced at describing the products, policies and benefits to individual and group borrowers alike. Jiwo Paro evaluates affordability of requested loans to ensure that all clients can not only afford to repay the installments but also improve their income levels. Additionally, each group opens a savings group within a local bank.