Today’s local finance structures build on a strong tradition of grassroots mutual action. Community savings and credit networks are rooted in Kenyan culture, and this is reflected in the institutions that have evolved over the years.

The Women’s Biashara Clubs, create local community banks, now present across three counties provide a safe and discrete home for the money that women manage to set aside from their small businesses, and act as a source of credit for new ventures or emergency family needs. The investment clubs, thus offer key support to women’s financial and economic independence. The creation of Jiwo Paro’s women investment clubs creates a viable way to deliver financial services to regions that lack access to sustainable financing.

Biashara Clubs create an ecosystem that allows for women entrepreneurs and business owners to grow by leveraging existing market systems, streamlining access to financial and technological services.

This integrated platform provides 21st-century business skills training to women small and medium enterprise owners.

Our focus is on organizing women and youth for economic change. The evolution of financial structures has seen the age of grassroots mutual action. We invest in grassroots community savings and credit networks. The women Biashara clubs have created a network across the Lake Region of women market leaders and community banks that provide capital insurance.

The Jiwo Paro Women Investment clubs provide capital solutions for the much-needed capital access for women in the Region.

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