Jiwo Paro has collaborated with World Connect to start a project named Ahadi ‘Promise’ in Oseng’eti village, Chemelil, Muhoroni Sub County in Kisumu.

The project is focused on providing tools of the trade to women in the textile and apparel making industry in Chemelil.

This project will involve three stages for female micro-entrepreneurs starting by equipping young women with sewing skills followed by a provision of much-needed tools of production, which, leveraging their unique skills, will lead to the generation of a stable income and a livelihood, while growing their asset base. The program intends to work with young women willing to develop their textile enterprises.

Through an asset-based financing model, Jiwo Paro and World Connect will work with up to 70 women from the village in the AHADI program to boost textile and apparel making businesses in Chemelil.

About World Connect

World Connect is a U.S.-based non-profit organization that partners with communities and grassroots organizations across the Global South to advance locally-led development. World Connect believes that development must be authentic to be effective, it must come from local ideas, action and leadership, and believe that capacity exists in every community, in every country where we work. Since 2005, World Connect has supported 1,200+ grassroots projects in 30+ countries.

Visit World Connect at www.worldconnect-us.org to learn more about the long-lasting and transformational impact of its programs.

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