There are roughly 7.3 million micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) engaging nearly 15 of Kenya’s 45 million people . About 11 Million informal small businesses are owned by women are neither registered nor served by mainstream financial service providers.

Most of these small businesses are in the textile industry, yet their financial needs are not met.

Consequently, they cannot expand to absorb the enormous women workforce, and if they do, banks often require collateral of financial history as prequalification for lending. This lack of support affects even female university graduates, who take an average of 4 years to find a job hence limiting women’s economic opportunities.

 Jiwo Paro exists to fill this gap. We aim to support the start, growth and scale high potential women-led t businesses in the textile value chain as a means of tackling unequal access to credit, unemployment and consequently tackling poverty.

Women business development support is thus one of Kenya’s most pressing needs.


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